Clifford L. Allison
October 20, 1964 - August 13, 1992

Birthplace - Birmingham, Alabama
Residence - Hueytown, Alabama
Widow - Elisa Sproule

Clifford's Children
Brandon, Tanya and Leslie

Clifford's Grandchildren

Interesting Articles Concerning Clifford Allison

Jim Johnson' Tribute To Clifford Allison

bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Competed in the 1990-1992 Busch Grand National Series and ARCA Series
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Competed in the 1989 ARCA series, third fastest qualifier at Daytona
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Crew chief for Bobby Allison in the 1988 Busch Grand National Series Winners of the Goody's 300 at Daytona
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Won 1987 Montgomery Track Championship
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Crew chief for Davey Allison in 1985 ARCA series; second place finishers in ARCA Series Championship
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Competed in Late Model Division; record included three victories, (43) top-five finishes and (86) top-ten
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Started his career in the Limited Sportsman Division 1983

Clifford Allison Photo Gallery
Clifford seems to be getting a lecture from Dad as Davey and Underdog take it all in Davey, Clifford and Dad pose for a rare picture together at Bristol Clifford chats with Davey at Bristol

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